Premium Frozen/ Halal Chicken And Poultry Supplier in Dubai

For your delicious and healthy meals, RS Foods offers Chicken, Turkey, Duck and all kinds of frozen range of poultry. Look no further than RS Foods as we have exactly what you want. We deal in primal cuts, manufacturing meat, offals and processed poultry products. The product range includes breast boneless with or without skin, whole meat with or without bones, drumsticks, drumette, thigh bone or boneless, whole leg, leg quarter, boneless leg wings, wing 2-joint, wing 3-joint, neck, giblets, feet and paws. A complete range of poultry is a result of the optimum bred birds with the greatest care. 

RS Foods has always prioritized keeping the nutritive value of food products intact. We aim at providing quality protein products with higher health benefits. Poultry meat is undoubtedly a great source of lean protein and packed with numerous other nutrients. Protein serves to aid muscle growth, maintenance and repairing. It is a good source of vitamin B3 also known as niacin, B6 and phosphorous which keep our metabolism healthy and functioning well. It is really important for people of all age groups especially children who are in growing age, to have a healthy intake of poultry protein.

We strive hard to add value to your business at each step of the supply chain process. From procurement, management and logistics, compliance, finance, and branding of your poultry products we have it all covered for you. We have maintained a repute of an experienced supply partner with unparalleled service in the area of proteins and commodities of the food sector.

We believe that making a better tomorrow is the responsibility of us all. Our priorities revolve mainly around the welfare, security and sustainability of the environment and the meat we source. Our sourcing policies are well in alignment with national and international standards. Our chicken and the rest of the poultry birds are all reared in a barn and fed on organic feed. We strictly forbid the use of growth-inducing medicines. Antibiotics are also allowed in critically important situations. All the animals are subjected to a humane manner of slaughtering to minimize trauma.

Our experienced team of professionals takes care of the sourcing of poultry and facilitating the delivery of poultry products globally. We are well aware of the poultry market trends and keep a keen interest in collaborative trading, international market penetration and the most important of all, price optimization. RS Foods is a prestigious name in the trade of poultry all over the world from Dubai, UAE. We have secured outstanding supply relationships with distributors in America, Europe and the Middle East.