Premium Quality Frozen/ Halal Meat Supplier

RS Foods carries a wide range of premium quality halal wholesale beef, lamb and veal products. The quality speaks for itself in our unique meat products, excellent cuts of procured and processed meat. Strict standards are followed while sourcing meat from the suppliers and delivering the produce to the consumers. We offer a variety of cuts ranging from primal cuts (including loin, shoulder, belly, leg and ham), manufacturing meats by-products, beef offals, processed wholesale meat products and branded products prepared to the specifications of our customers.

The foremost priority of RS Foods is to keep the nutritional value of their food items intact. Since meat is a staple food everywhere around the world, we tend to deliver the freshest produce for a good health uplift. Be it Angus beef or wagyu, we have you covered. Meat is the prime source of five of the B-complex vitamins which are thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. It is also rich in zinc and some micronutrients that our body require though in minimal quantity but regularly because it cannot store it.

The international meat industry is as challenging as any other meat industry. Our expertise in food-based business has enabled us to succeed in this line. Our team of experts, with complete industry and market knowledge, are ready to help you with your queries and supply orders. They stay abreast of food industry trends, market prices and the needs of the business. We value the right supply chain partners at RS Foods who work with integrity and professionalism.

Our meat storage facilities in Dubai, UAE are up to the international standards of hygiene and safety. Our processing rooms are equipped with all the requisite machinery built for cutting and private label services of the meat. RS Foods keeps cleanliness their primary responsibility. The meat products here undergo a rigorous procurement and inspection process before reaching the stage of packaging. We take great care to listen to the unique specifications of each chain, wholesale and distributor customers to ensure the finished product is just as customized to their specified needs.

Keeping in view the sustainable model of the food industry, we ensure that our meat products are environmentally friendly. We aim at rearing nutritious beef animals in a way to maintain a balance between the present need and safeguarding the food resources for the upcoming generations. Looking towards the future is our collective responsibility.