Frozen Vegetables of all kinds

Vegetables are bursting with nutrition and adding flavor and rich color to our dishes. RS Foods supplies frozen vegetables of all kinds from Dubai, UAE to all over the world. Our vegetables are properly frozen to maintain their original color, flavor and texture. The thing that RS Foods focuses on the most is to preserve food by preserving its nutritional value.

The nutritive value of vegetables makes them perfect for a balanced diet. They are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, folic acid and fiber. Higher fiber content is important for our health because it lowers the risk of heart diseases. Vegetables with high dietary fiber in our frozen line at RS Foods include corn, carrots, broccoli, beets and artichoke. Vegetables are a great protein source for people who avoid meats and prefer a vegetarian lifestyle. Our frozen edamame, lentils, beans, peas and sprouts are protein-rich alternatives to meat.

Our foremost priority is to deliver you the perishable food items in their best form. To achieve superior industry certified quality, we direct our focus towards the prime packaging of frozen vegetables. Our packaging is moisture resistant and vapor-proof. It is made of food-grade material specially designed to be used for food packaging. We make sure that our packaging is durable, leak-proof and does not crack at lower temperatures. It is designed to be resistant to oil and grease to protect it from off flavors and odors. Above all our packaging is 100% recyclable, convenient and easy to store. We aim at making a difference towards a sustainable tomorrow.

RS Foods follows the regulatory legal standards established for the export of frozen fruits and vegetables. We responsibly source farm-fresh vegetables and keep all the regulatory aspects incorporated during the processing and packing of our frozen vegetables. We have built long and stable connections with hundreds of farms for our main produce. The produce undergoes operations such as washing, peeling, grading, cutting and blanching/deactivating enzyme activity.

Quality control at every step is essential for perishable items. We ensure strict control on quality to guarantee a supply of qualified prime products. It is only made possible with the help of our dedicated team of professionals who ensure precision and perfection in all stages. Our closely cooperated team takes care of quality control, supply chain of produce, documentation work, storage of the finished products and transportation towards the customer. Providing you with all the colors of vegetables in your food plate with qualified products at competitive prices is our only goal.