Wholesale Deli Meat

RS Foods is your deli meats distributor from Dubai, UAE. We know that no deli would be complete without prepackaged sliced meats. Sliced meats are used for making sandwiches, for grab-n-go snacks and sometimes used in the creation of beautiful charcuterie boards or what we call grazing tables. Our deli meat manufacturers have worked day in day out to improve the packaging, quality and taste-making these products stand out on the deli case wall. We offer prepackaged, retail, freshly sliced and unsliced deli meats.

Our meat is cured and smoked with expert knowledge because we believe in a taste for fine food and have a passion for a quality lifestyle. We offer you pastrami made from our own specially selected cuts from our briskets. Our briskets are incredibly tender and moist, naturally flavored with our special cure. We also have thicker and more tender corned beef cut, seasoned roasted turkey breast, hamburgers, turkey ham, sausages, roast beef, chicken, salami, pepperoni, bologna, pimento loaf and all the many more from the deli line. It allows us to offer a nostalgic flavor and superior quality products that are not offered anywhere else.
We offer three main pastrami cuts which are navel, bottom round and thin lean first cut. With the right knowledge of the culinary industry, we know how corned beef is boiled after curing, whereas pastrami receives a dry rub before being smoked. Resultantly, corned beef tends to come out juicier and saltier, while pastrami is a bit drier and smokier. Coming to our brisket means just the right and prime choice cuts of higher quality with excellent marbling and right preparation and cooking. Mostly deli-style roast beef is made from lean cuts of meat which typically include the bottom, top or eye round, coming from the rump. When it comes to the humble turkey, preparation and slow roasting it at a low temperature are the keys to the best results.
Our partners in deli trade take immense pleasure in our products and we pride ourselves in creating our best for them. We learn what our customers want and work up to their needs. Our products contain no MSG, they are fat-free, contain zero artificial colors or flavoring, have no fillers, are certified gluten free and have absolutely zero trans-fat. Our best trade practices and offer of competitive market prices is what makes us the first choice of our trading partners.