Wholesale Seafood Supplier in Dubai

As one of the leading seafood wholesalers to the seafood industry in Dubai , UAE, RS Foods offers an extraordinary range of high-quality, fresh and frozen seafood products. Our product range offers shellfish, fish and caviar.

The shellfish range is vast and includes oysters, clams, black mussels, shrimps and lobsters. Besides, our product range has wild fish, lake fish, farm fish, scallops, octopus and squids. Our shellfish and fish are a low-calorie food and offers a unique freshness of coastal flavors on the palate. Your fine seafood dining is incomplete without our caviar. RS Foods offers this seafood delicacy rich in taste, handpicked and a perfect condiment to top off a dish or an appetizer. Our quality, value, reputation and competitive price in the food industry will make us your foremost choice.

Our clientele extends to a large and diversified base. It includes restaurants run by the best executive chefs, hotels, theme parks, country clubs, supermarkets, conventions and top-class airline caterers that offer fine seafood dining in the sky. We have fresh seafood products delivered to us on a daily basis so you can expect fresh produce in every order. However, some products are available on request or are subject to seasonal catch. You can either call or email one of our dedicated wholesale sales representatives to learn about the availability.

We believe in giving back to the community by adopting sustainable seafood practices to help ensure the longevity of our marine ecosystems. As a leading seafood supplier of Dubai, UAE, it is our mission to become a role model in safeguarding the overall well-being of our oceans. We tend to educate our local community with respect to the best sustainable seafood practices to ensure that the fish population remains abundant for the upcoming generations. Our processing facility is open for tours for local and international clients and people who are connected to the food industry in any way.

We have built a large network of relationships with a reliable network of seafood partners worldwide. We are enabled to provide you with the highest quality catch available on the market by leveraging these relationships. We proudly serve in the global markets with all the same fresh quality and incredible prices we give to our wholesale customers.